Good microbes lead to better nutrients.

Soil microbes interact with every nutrient and input in your soil, and have the potential to supply all of your crop’s nutrient requirements. They also contribute to drought and disease resistance, and other important soil functions.

Poor soil microbiology, in contrast, can seriously disrupt the supply of nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients, and limit other important soil processes.

Let us help you measure your soil’s biology and understand how you can manage it for increased soil and crop productivity.

Soil Tests

Our soil microbiology tests are designed to give you practical information in an easy to read format.  We focus on microbe groups that are important for key soil processes and health, and provide information to you that helps you to make practical decisions to manage your soil for better health and productivity.  There’s a test for virtually every microbe important to soil health and function, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for using our Online Product Selector, just ask us!  Check out our tests here or using our Online Product Selector.

Value Packages

We’ve put together some of the most popular, useful and complementing tests into Value Packages.  Each package has been designed to give the best set of information for every purpose and budget at a great value price.  Check out our Value Packages here or use our Online Product Selector to find the right Value Package for you.

Got a Project?

We can help you decide which tests are right for you and consult to give you advice on how to get the best outcomes, from design and sampling through to statistics and interpretation.  Talk to us today!

Not sure which tests to ask for?

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We’ve designed a selector that will help you choose exactly the right tests to meet your specific requirements: