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Understanding soil microbiology offers improved productivity, better disease control and superior drought resistance.

There are more microbes in a handful of soil than there are people on our planet. Those soil microbes interact with every nutrient and input in your soil, and have the potential to supply all of your crop’s nutrient requirements. They also contribute to drought and disease resistance, and other important soil functions.

Poor soil microbiology can seriously disrupt the supply of nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients, and limit other important soil processes.

We make microbes easy

We do the hard work of measuring the many types of microbes for you, using the many types of methods, media, growth conditions and analytical techniques that are unique to the different types of microbes. Like all good things, this takes time and skill. Our team of experts and highly trained technicians apply their knowledge and skill to your sample and requirements, to painstakingly select and carry out the right procedure to produce results that meet your specific requirements.

It is important to understand your product supply imperatives and constraints, the unit operations and process flows, the process bottlenecks and non constrained assets, the equipment integrity issues with cycling assets on and off, the fuel mix options and the energy load of each unit operation.

Above all, the strategy needs to be practical and is best arrived at by understanding your business drivers first and foremost.

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