We all hate forms, right?  But we need this info to help us do the right tests for you, include the right details on your reports, and provide the best interpretation of your results.

Please help us by adding all your details, then PRESS SUBMIT at the bottom of the form when you’ve finished.  We’ll reward you by waiving the batch fee!

You’ll get an email with a PDF copy of your order attached as soon as you submit it.

** Please print a copy of the PDF and send it with your samples. **

It’s important to send a printed copy of the PDF with your samples.  It’s required for biosecurity, and so we can tell they’re your samples!

Thank you! 😁

If you still want to download the manual order form, click here.  The batch fee will apply.  Print it out, complete it, and send it with your samples.  If you don’t want to pay the batch fee, please use the online order form above.  If you still use the manual order form, please write clearly and follow the instructions on the last page.  If we need to contact you due to illegible handwriting or incompleteness admin fees will apply.