Microbial Biomass by PLFA Analysis

Looking for a lab that can test Microbial Biomass by PLFA analysis?  Look no further.

Our PLFA (PhosphoLipid Fatty Acid) test meets the criteria for the Australian Government’s Soil Monitoring and Incentives Program.  We have more than 15 years experience with PLFA analysis and routinely perform thousands of analyses per year.  We happily partner with other labs and organisations to deliver their testing requirements.

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Beyond Biomass

We can deliver more than just microbial biomass from PLFAs.  Our Microbe Wise for Soil tests use PLFAs to report a wide range of soil biology and soil health parameters in a user friendly format that appeals to land managers and provides practical interpretation.  This extra value makes an attractive offer to land holders participating in the Soil Monitoring and Incentives Program that may help boost program uptake, engagement and positive outcomes.

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