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by Dr Ash Martin  PhD BSc(For)Hons

Soil microbes are a key influencer of all major soil functions.  They also correlate with other factors, such as soil enzymes and genetics.  With a confusing number of ways to test for soil biology, it’s good to know that there is still one test that gives a simple yet accurate overview of the key soil health microbe groups at a level that you can do something about.

Microbe Wise for Soil uses methods developed by soil science researchers published in more than 35,000 peer-reviewed articles worldwide over past decades.  It has indicators directly related to the major soil health functions and includes a measure of microbial diversity, a valuable indicator of soil system resilience.  As usual, the results are presented in a user-friendly way that allow you to easily see the microbial health of your soil in practical terms.

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For an in-depth view of how results from the Microbe Wise for Soil test method are shown to be strong indicators of soil health functions have a look at this recent research:
Perez-Guzman et al. 2021. Comparing biological methods for soil health assessments: EL-FAME, enzyme activities, and qPCR. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 2021; 1–18.  (Requires PDF viewer)

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