Soil Carbon:  Store It or Lose It

by Dr Ash Martin  PhD BSc(For)Hons

Biology, residues, soil structure and nutrients all interact to either build or deplete soil carbon.  But what is the ‘Goldilocks zone’ in which all these factors work together optimally to make and store resistant carbon as humus?  And what can we do to manipulate these factors to optimise soil humus formation?

Now we can test for the key factors driving humus formation – biology, residues, structure and nutrients – in one single test, C Wise, that interprets all these aspects to give an indication of the humus-building potential of your soil, and gives recommendations for adjusting soil nutrients to optimise the process.

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For an in-depth view of how agricultural practices affect soil carbon stocks have a look at this recent research:
Dignac et al. 2017. Increasing soil carbon storage: mechanisms, effects of agricultural practices and proxies. A review. Agronomy For Sustainable Development. 37:14.  (Requires PDF viewer)

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