Microbe Wise for Soil reveals Soil Health Drivers in Vegetables

by Dr Ash Martin  PhD BSc(For)Hons

Soil microbes play a key role in soil health, and understanding the functional role of this living component of soil is critical to developing sustainable vegetable production systems. This study used the Microbe Wise for Soil method to measure soil microbial community size and composition after six years of commercial-scale production in five organic vegetable systems. The study found clear examples of large differences in soil heath within organic production systems for the same vegetable crops and provides insights into ways to improve soil health that are relevant to organic and conventional systems.

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Read the in-depth article:
Brennan & Acosta-Martinez (2017).  Cover cropping frequency is the main driver of soil microbial changes during six years of organic vegetable production.  Soil Biology & Biochemistry.  109: 188-204.  (Requires PDF viewer)

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