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Order Forms

Click on the links below to download the latest Microbe Labs order forms.

TIP:  Download the form to your device or computer and use Adobe Reader to complete it.  If you don’t have Adobe Reader you can get it for free at https://get.adobe.com/reader/

IMPORTANT:  PDF forms do not work well on some internet browsers (e.g., Google Chrome).  If you have trouble with a form in your browser, download the form to your device or computer and complete it using Adobe Reader.

HAVING TROUBLE?:  Scroll down to our Troubleshooting Guide


For agricultural, horticultural and other soils


For compost and other compost-related products


For samples other than soil or compost, or for lab customers


For merchandise, e.g., Sampling Kits and other physical goods


  1.  Are you trying to fill out the form in your web browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge)?  If so, download the appropriate version of the form to your device or computer and complete it using Adobe Reader.
  2.  Are you using Adobe Reader?  Adobe Reader is the world’s most-used, industry-standard, free PDF viewer.  It has all the functions you need to use the form, and more!  If you don’t already have it you can get it for free at https://get.adobe.com/reader/
  3.  Having problems filling out using Adobe Reader?  Visit https://helpx.adobe.com/au/acrobat/using/fill-and-sign.html
  4.  Are you using the mobile device version of a form?
    • Make sure the completed form is emailed to the lab (try using the “Email Form” button at the bottom of the first page).  The lab must receive the emailed form containing all the data you entered to avoid an admin fee for manual entry.  This is because the QR codes we use to efficiently enter your data into our system have to be generated at the lab from the data in your emailed form (see What’s the deal with these forms anyway?)
    • Try using the computer version of the form instead if possible.
  5. Still having problems?  Give us a call and we can go through it with you once on the phone.
  6. Still no joy?  If all else fails you can still use the manual form, but note that we now charge a small admin fee for handwritten forms (except merchandise forms).

What’s the deal with these forms anyway?

Microbe Labs now uses a QR code-based information system in the lab.  You’ve probably noticed the QR codes at the bottoms of pages in most of our order forms.  These QR codes help us to efficiently enter all the data about your order and samples into our system.  Using QR codes helps to improve data accuracy and, importantly, minimise test price increases, and we think most customers will like that.

For this to work properly we require the ‘Hello’ page, ‘Sample Summaries’ page, and the ‘Sample Details’ pages for all the samples in the order (tests order forms only).  The QR codes at the bottom of the ‘Sample Details’ page tell us all the details about your samples, such as sample names, tests ordered, etc.  If you can include the ‘Sample Details’ pages for all the samples in the order it allows us to process your order very efficiently.  Of course if you don’t want to do that there’s no compulsion, but please note that an admin fee now applies to order forms that require manual data entry (except merchandise order forms, which do not have QR codes).